It's Friday the 13th of the month

by missP on Fri Apr 13, 2007 3:47 pm
I didn’t dare go out and do something outrageous. Why? Because, according to Philippine beliefs/traditions, it’s bad luck day. A lot of sad and scary things happen on a Friday the 13th of the month. So once the 13th of the month falls on a Friday, be ware! I grew up watching those old scary movies that supposedly happened on the thirteenth day of the month that fell on a Friday. So, you can imagine why I am so into this Friday the thirteenth thing.

Ironically, according to the Chinese beliefs, the number thirteen is a lucky number. It is actually the four or fourteen that is not good for them. The number “four” to the Chinese sounds like their Chinese term for “death” there it signifies an end to whatever it represents. For a house number being “four” or that ends in “four” they claim, that the people living in that house will only have bad luck and death will come to them. If indeed this is not a good number, I should wait before posting this entry because it is now 4:40 p.m.. Would it be then okay to post this at 4:45?

But then again, if you add together the numbers 1+3 that comprises (13) it would sum up to “four” which is supposed to be bad, right? So the Friday the thirteenth thing must be true. OR?

Anyhow, please excuse my nonsense! And you all have a nice day!

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