Kaibigan nga ba sila?

by missP on Thu May 10, 2007 11:50 am
Kaibigan ba sila? Hindi ko pa rin talaga masagot ang katungan na ito na laging bumabagabag sa aking isip. Hindi lang kasi ito minsan nangyari, kundi maraming beses na. Pero, kinikimkim ko lang ang mga sakit na nalilikom ko mula sa knailang dalawa. Ewan ko ba kung bakit ako ganito.

The night wind was quiet comfortable. Even my luck in finding a parking spot was with me. Only my husband wasn't. He was at home, in bed recovering from a stomach virus that he got from his trip to Cairo three days past. I was hesitant to go to this dinner invite without him, but he insisted that I should go. So I did.

As I was on my way to pick up another invitee, my phone rang. Thinking that it was my husband who might be having difficulties at home, i stopped the car and answered the call. It was not my hubby, but the lady that i was supposed to pick up. She asked me where i was already. I immediately checked the digital watch on my dashboard. I was afraid I would be late. As it turned out, I was not. She gave me this silly excuse that somebody knocked on her window but when she went to check, nobody was there. I just told her that i was on my way already.

As it turned out, another invitee saw that I am still online in my YM and therefore thought that i was still at home, so they checked by calling me. Lately, these two have been bugging me. For example, when I told them that I was changing jobs, they went to check out the place where I would be working. They seem to think I was lying or can't believe that I found another job as fast as I told them. One of them went to the place herself and checked, even asked the people working there if indeed I was joining the company. The thing is, we have common acquaintances who are already working at the same company. So, she got the info that she wanted. Whatever that was and why in the world she did it, is beyond me.

Minsan tuloy, naisip ko, bakit ko ba pinag titiyagaan kausapin ang mga ito? Hindi naman ako nag mamayabang, but I don?t really I deserve such treatment from them. Do you?

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